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Personal Injury Claims

Goldwyn Fox Solicitors specialise in personal injury claims and we have the necessary expertise to assist you with your personal injury claim. Our accident claim specialists will be able to advise you regarding a wide variety of different personal injury claims, including road traffic accident claims, accidents at work, slips and trips and more.

A claim is the process of seeking compensation for injury and/or financial loss which is as the result of someone else’s fault. There are legal rules regarding who can claim and whether your claim will be successful. We will be able to guide you through the claims process.

We offer a free initial consultation where we will discuss all aspects of your personal injury claim. We will be able to advise you about your claim at this stage and will keep you updated and informed at every stage of the process if you instruct us to deal with your claim.

We will undertake work on a “no-win no-fee” basis after assessing your claim. ‘No-win no-fee’ means that there is no cost to you if your claim is not successful. Our specialist and dedicated team will try to ensure that your claim will be successful by providing efficient, friendly service and professional, accurate legal advice at all times.

We offer a comprehensive service and this would include, for example, arranging for a medical report regarding your injury and helping you to arrange for private medical treatment for your injuries if this is recommended.

We can also assist you after a road traffic accident claim by helping you to arrange for the recovery and storage of your vehicle or helping you to arrange for a replacement vehicle if one is needed.

We are confident that we can help to make the claims process as clear, simple and stress-free as possible through our team of personal injury claim specialists and our professional, friendly approach.

Listed below are some of the personal injuries which can be suffered by claimants:

  • Fractures/Broken Bones
  • Sprains/Strains
  • Severe Burns
  • Neck and Back Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Brain Damage
  • Paralysis
  • Limb Loss
  • Loss of Sight
  • Loss of Motor Function
  • Range of Function
  • Organ Failure
  • Life-Threatening Infections
  • Death

Personal Injury Claim Types

personal injury claim types

Our expert solicitors can help you with the following personal injury claims:

All you have to do is call and inform us of what happened and we will do the rest.

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